Friday, August 24, 2012

when it rains it pours

this post is a doozy but the past month has been
the most incredible month of my life.
i don't really have words but i have pictures. :)

this month we...
had a beautiful wonderful perfect baby girl
Kyra Nearents (pronounced with a long y like sky)
6lbs 2oz 12:23am 17in
matt and i officially graduated. 
we didn't walk so the picture makes it official. hah.
had both our families come visit and help us
pack up our whole life into boxes and watch my dad
drive away with all of it in a box trailer
slept on an air mattress and used camping chairs for living 
room furniture (try nursing your newborn on an air mattress 
in the middle of the night. disastrous humor at it's finest)
let my husband leave a few days before me and K to find us a
place to live down in new mexico
flew from idaho to new mexico with a 10 day old
and a really rude flight attendant
said goodbye to all of our very best friends, photo clients, and rexburg 
and moved to a new place where we don't know a single soul
celebrated two years of marriage with the love of my life
drove to california for Kyra's baby blessing where we got to see a lot 
of family and i got to ride my dirt bike (let's not talk about that though. 
my mom gets pretty upset. sorry mom. hah)
when we got back we found out Travis got into rat poison 
and starting coughing up massive amounts of blood
the same night Kyra didn't sleep at all and the day we
found out my mouth was going to cost $4000 to fix.
talk about a no good very bad day.
found a new BFF for Kyra here in the land of enchantment
my husband started grad school and became the
greatest dad in this whole big fat wide world
and lived to tell the tale!
it's been absolute madness and postpartum pregnancy hormones
make for a lot of tears and extreme emotions. both good and bad.
but it's amazing how hard things can really bring you so close to
the ones you love. we have amazing amounts of support from 
parents & friends and we are starting to like it here in our new place.
travis is healing, i am adjusting to being a momma, and matt 
is the the perfect dad and husband.
we are blessed.


Mette Griffith said...

My hugs and kisses go out to you! Miss you lots and lots.

kelsie rae. said...


i'm glad you're still alive!

hopefully things will settle down for you! have missed your posts :)

Lindsey Marlor said...

aww ahh its always crappy when everything bad decides to land on the same time table! :) atleast he recovered from the rat poison, that's scary.. motherhood is an adjustment too haha oh man the things we have to learn in life!

erin m judd said...

oh my gosh, what a month! you crazy kids. hope things calm down a little for you!

it's great to see a post from you! you have one beautiful baby girl.

lori said...

love you, sweetheart. you are a remarkable woman and i am honored to be your mother. xoxo

mallosaurus said...

the perfect post. i forgot all of the negative things because you ended the post on such a positive note! makes me weepy :) i love you more than life.

mallosaurus said...

p.s. is that your home!?? it looks dope!

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