Friday, August 31, 2012


brent and mette were our neighbors slash bffs in idaho.
we may or may not have hung out every single day and matt
and i are scheming ways to get them to move to new mexico.
no luck yet, but we haven't given up. :)

before the baby and the move happened we decided
to do one last photoshoot before i popped. 
we combined all brent and mette's favorite things
[fishing, camping, traveling, & being cute and in love]
mixed with my craving to do a photoshoot at dusk
and bam.. one of my favorite shoots of all time..
my goodness attractiveness all over the place.


Mette Griffith said...

I'm so in love!!! Can't wait to get them so I can print them out and put them ALL over my apartment! I love and miss you soo much!

mallosaurus said...

holy crap! there is some serious hottness and steaminess going on in this photoshoot!!!! i'm freaking obsessed with it! mette's cheekbones!!! i really love the 9th one from the end (hah) where they are hugging but the photo only shows from their necks down. super cute. and all the kissing ones because they're crazy in love and you can feel it from the photos! ok i love all of them!

Anonymous said...

These are so incredible!!

Lindsey Marlor said...

ughhh tara what am i going to do without you???? love this sesh!

Meagan said...

Really amazingly beautiful!!

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