Tuesday, May 15, 2012


this is one of the couples from my thank you shoot.
it was SO much fun to see them and their cute married selves again.
they are so cute together and easy to photograph.
and we found some pretty rad places in st. anthony to take pictures.
oh and i want her pants. and her red hair.


Kjersten said...

i love how these turned out! thanks again tara!

Janet Peacock said...

Seriously these photos are amazing! I Love the location, the colors, the poses, the distribution of the elements & your connection with beautiful light! I love it. It's making me want mine done again! :) Beautiful! Great Job Tara

A FANCY DAY said...

So beautiful, I agree with everything Janet said!! I cannot wait for our shoot! You are so talented!

mallosaurus said...

wow she's beautiful. and what cool buildings! that one painted with mountains was trippy dude. my brain literally went "WOW! wait.... how... Ohh... cooool." How fun to find new places to shoot. Are you getting some done of Matt and you before baby girl comes? You should. Man i miss being your project subject.

mallosaurus said...

(p.s. the one of them from the back looking out over the river is my fave. i would print it huge and frame it over my entry way. if that weren't creepy.

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