Monday, April 2, 2012

my life highlights in film #1

first highlight of my life right now:
one awesome thing about being preggo is that
all of the sudden people think you are crazy awesome
for doing things you did almost every day before. 
like rock climbing which i'm really pretty average at
but just really enjoy. 
(with doctor's permission.. don't fret)
side note highlight: my friend kate is pretty rad
photos taken with agfa optima IIs. more on that tomorrow. :) 


tori said...

Is that Miss Kate Lines?!

Kimber Pogue said...

stunning photos!

kate said...

Okay, I just wrote a stupid long comment and then pressed older post instead of publish... TWICE! Seriously. TWICE. Oh my goodness.

Haha, anyway. These photos turned out so rad! Who knew that camera would take such sweet shots. I love the one of the rope (that freaking rope that took 20 minutes to untangle)

We are so down with getting our fill in of climbing next semester. Can Burry and I tag along even if Lando is too busy? :)

It was fun chatting today, I hope you get into ASU! Tell Matt seriously thanks so much for the advice on the study. I am excited to get it rolling.

kate said...

p.s. lets go somewhere out there for photos in june?! Dude. Burry, a motorcycle AND that pretty scenery. I am stoked.

Kels said...

Gorgeous photos!!

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