Tuesday, March 13, 2012

new york goodness

hanging out in new york city all week was pretty rad. 
i may never be able to walk again but it was all worth it. and i am now officially the master of the subway system. it only took hours and hours of being lost to get there. i only almost got ran over twice and ate my weight  in hot dogs, pizza and serendipity frozen hot chocolate. i successfully made it to new jersey and back by myself without dying or being stranded in the ghetto. i got to see chuck close and andy warhol's art work to my hearts content and managed to look with my eyes and not my hands. all in all i say it was a pretty successful slash enjoyable slash totally awesome and incredible trip. 
happy day.


Lindsay Nicole said...

These are amazing! I love these!!!

Cassie Brady said...

So jealous Tara! Looks like you had an incredible time!

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