Monday, February 27, 2012

glitter madness

 sometimes it is fun to do something completely 
different than you are used to doing.
it keeps the creative juices fresh. :)
erin from legit hair wanted to do another shoot
so we thought of of the glitter theme and went for it.
each girl had her own "color" to compliment her hair color that erin did.
it was totally funky and different but a lot of fun to try something new.

during this whole shoot i couldn't help but think of this.
it's funny.
admit it.


lori said...

glittertastic!!! how fun and creative!!! i LOVE it! i can only surmise the clean up was a pretty spectacular process as well!

Anonymous said...

awesome!!!!! lovin the green and blue

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous! But the thing I thought the whole time was the risk the models took. Glitter in your eye=Absolute pain!!

Lindsey said...

how fun! cute glitter shoot!

Mette Griffith said...

Love it, love you. It was a blast to be there with you all day : ) You're fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Tara I love these photos! So creative. So much talent.

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