Monday, January 23, 2012

pretty awesome

you know you have a pretty awesome friend when she is
willing help you out in the freezing cold spur of the moment.
love you mette. :)
this is some more scrappy yarn awesomeness.
don't even worry that i wear that purple scarf like every day.
whatta babe right???


Anonymous said...

Love the shots, the scarves, mette, everything! - Emily Lassen

Scrappy Yarn said...

Thanks Tara for the pics! Your friend is so pretty, love her eyes!

mallosaurus said...

mette's preeeetttty much the coolest/prettiest. love the knitted pieces too :)

Mette Griffith said...

It's all Tara. She can make any one look amazing! But thanks : ) I'm totally blushing. Tara... I <3 you.

Alex and Andrew Sorensen said...

awh mette! these are beautiful. and mette, yes, you are gorgeous, believe it! and tara your just one amazing photographer! good job.

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