Monday, November 14, 2011


i was so excited to take pictures of this beautiful family again.
the christmas tree farm + jade's adorable snowman outfit + beautiful people
was all so perfect i could explode from the cuteness.
and i am a california girl to my very center so the concept of
christmas pictures without snow is a beautiful thing.
i hope these pictures make your heart smile like they do mine.
to see more click here
janay made this cute sign. love.
love this:
such a beautiful mom
 janay would read to jade and every few second she would look up at her
mom and give her the cutest laugh ever. the cuteness was almost unbearable.
one years old.


Ted and Shannon Haddock said...

these are sooo cute!! :) I LOVE them!

Mette Griffith said...

These are adorable! I absolutely love them!

lori said...

so fun and festive! i love the location and the colors! beautiful pictures to treasure for a lifetime!

ShaunieB said...

these are sooo adorable!!

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