Wednesday, September 28, 2011


this is mallonao (mallory naomi)
whom i freaking love with all of my heart.
you guys have seen her on my blog before
but thats what happens when your bff
(who conveiently became your cousin) is this gorgeous
and you need a model for your hw assignment.
you rock mallory. thanks a billion.


kelsie rae. said...

shut up. mallory looks amazing!!!!!!! do you think she'd teach me how to make my lipstick perfect like hers ? :) -kelsie

Catherine Grace Life Photography said...

These are Fabulous! Beautiful model and beautiful photos!

Emily Tingey said...

Good crap. She is beautiful... You did an incredible job at capturing her beauty. Wonderful composition and editing, too.

mallosaurus said...

haha i love emily. and i love you, bff! how convenient that my bff/cousin just happens to be an amazing photographer...

mallosaurus said...

oh and kels... i would hardly say i do my lipstick perfect! i still have trouble trying to keep it from getting on my teeth or on my hands whenEVER i touch my hands to my face in the slightest. hah i need to work on that. you have gorgeous lips you should try the bold look!

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