Wednesday, August 31, 2011

birthdays & randomness

hey everyone!
i hope you are having a beautiful last day of august.
speaking of which.. it's my mom's birthday today!!
just in case you didn't know.. birthdays are my all time favorite days of the year.
i love celebrating the people i love.
and my mom is pretty spectacular so i am glad there is a whole day just for her
and that i get to be here to celebrate with her.

travis is such a good sport and my husband makes the greatest signs
[cut out with zigzag scissors and all. score]
my mom took some pictures of my husband and me a few days ago.
i am kinda in love with them.
here are a few i was messing with.
i love my talented mother and am so glad she was born.

i was featured over here a few days ago.
go take a looksie for some photography tips.
i kinda loved writing it so i think i may do more.

and that's it for now. have the best day of your life.
and happy birthday mommy.


lori said...

so...let me get this straight. my grandson is a dog? haha! he is really cute though! i love you, my beautiful amazing daughter. you are one of the greatest gifts god ever gave to me! xoxo

Suzette Swallow said...

does this mean you are pregnant??!?

tara said...

definitely not pregnant! it's just a joke that our dog is my moms grandson since we don't have kids yet. =]

Catherine Grace Life Photography said...

That dog picture is totally awesome and the pictures of your two are FAB! LOVE them!

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