Wednesday, August 24, 2011

another reason why i love my husband..

he is totally talented behind the camera.
i'm not going to lie.. it is a little strange to see pictures of myself
because i am rarely in them being the photographer and all.
[unless i am around my awesomely talented photographer mother..
then that's totally a different story]
but he has been practicing tons and learning lots
and he has come a long way and is pretty dang amazing.
and he's got this funky perspective that i am totally digging.
think i can convince him to be my second shooter?

feathers courtesy of kelseysfeathers
travis followed us around the whole time.
love him. hahah.
this is that funky i was talking about.. i like it.
 talented & handsome.


Kimber said...

You're SO beautiful! And your hub for sure has a talent behind the lens. You do as well! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your photos!

Catherine Grace Life Photography said...

You look gorgeous and he did an A-Maze-ing job! It'd be a blast having him as your second shooter! Love the feather by the way! I just bought some...think they kinda rock! :)

Grace said...

Dear Tara,
You're gorgeous.
Love, Grace

mallosaurus said...

Umm ok he's awesome! he could totally run his own business! {but he shouldn't.... he should be a good husband and work with you....} haha. but um the thing that stood out to me almost more than how talented he is, is how HOT you are. i know everyone above said it already, but it cannot be said enough. haha. you are so skinny and sexy and your hair is rockin'. lucky Matt to have such talent AND score a sexy wife.

Brent and Mette Griffith said...

Agreed. Matt, way to go... but I'm sorry. I already claim the second shooter gig!! : )

Anonymous said...

This is matt... Mette, too bad you left us!

kelsie rae. said...

he had an awesome teacher! and you are hot stuff!!!! matt is a lucky guy :)

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