Thursday, June 16, 2011

my bird lady sister.

i have the most wonderful little sister ever. 
she is seriously one of the most gorgeous people i know
and it goes all the way to her very center.

but thats kinda beside the point right now.
take a look at what shes got going on over in her etsy.
now i know the feather thing is this new craze
but her feathers knock them all out of the water.

and my favorite part is that they are all clip ons 
so you can take them on and off and move them around as you please.
and you can curl them so they flow with your hair.
she made me one and i am kinda in love.
she totally converted me to the feathers.

so awesome.
i love my rockin talented sister.
click here to see more

note: she is trying her best to keep on top of her sales 
so check back often to see new stuff constantly being made


kelsie rae. said...

llooooovveee them!!!!!!!!!!! love the frame too :)

mallosaurus said...

I NEED THOSE!!!! i just cant decide which one :)

tara said...

they really are so cool! hah. i love them.

Brent and Mette Griffith said...

Those are very cute! I always admire trends, but somehow usually quite get on the train fast enough haha!

lori said...

they really are the cutest things EVER! she can't make them fast enough!

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