Tuesday, June 21, 2011


some reasons why i absolutely adore this shoot..
kelly&casey are dang attractive and so in love.
we took these by my home in california.
i have known kelly since we were teeenytiny.
we would jump on her trampoline and 
play in the dirt with our imaginations running wild
and now she is married to the man of her dreams.
it makes my heart so happy for her.

kelly and casey were married 6 months ago
but it was rainy and windy on their wedding day
so she wanted some pictures with sunshine.
a perfect excuse for me to see my long time friend.

my word.. casey you are a lucky man.
this girl is a BABE.

i really do just love this picture with all my heart.
it makes me smile every single time.


Sweet Susy said...

Love her feather extension =)
and they are a beautiful couple!
Great pics

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