Wednesday, June 8, 2011

date night

 matt and i are always together so we never really do the whole 
"go on a date" thing too often.
but last night i asked him out. 
cute huh? hah.

while he was in a meeting i slaved away in the kitchen.
[which has happened like twice our whole marriage]
i made wannabe cafe rio burritos 
and packed them with a blanket and lemonade in the car.

when he got home i took him out to the car & blindfolded him.
i drove around like a crazy person so he wouldn't know where we were.
then whenever i came to an intersection i made him choose left, right, or straight.
after a while he had the choice to choose right, left, straight, or stop.
i thought for sure we were going to end up in a walmart parking lot or something
but we actually ended up in this sweet field! 
we pulled off the road and ate our yummy food then went to kiwi loco.
happy day.
i love my husband. 

nerd =]

so happy.


mallosaurus said...


kelsie rae. said...

you better used your scroll coupon on that kiwi loco :)

you post so fast you make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm glad you guys ended up somewhere nice :)

Amanda Jeffs said...

i love your blanket that sis murphy made you, we have one just like it!

lori said...

love this post. so adorable!!!!

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