Sunday, May 8, 2011

chanel no.5

christmas, mother's day, her children's weddings, her mother's birthday...are special moments for my mom. these are the days she wears chanel #5. this classic scent was a favorite of her mother's. the bottle she has is actually quite old...14 years to be exact. she gave it to her mother for her birthday...3 months before she passed away. she wears this perfume whenever she wants to feel her especially close by. 

my mom tried so hard to find me the perfect perfume for my wedding 
so i would always have something that reminded me of that wonderful day.
she finally decided on chanel #5.
it couldn't have been a more perfect pick.
so now every time i want to feel my mom close, i wear chanel #5.
it always reminds me of my mother's love for me 
and how she gave me the best life she could.
it reminds me that i always have someone whos got my back 
and someone who will always be proud of me.
it reminds me that i have an eternal family that i will have forever. 

so in honor of the greatest mom ever, i'm wearing chanel #5 today.
love you mom. 


mallosaurus said...

wow. i just love you. moms are the best. i love "someone to always be proud of me." you only get one mom! {well most of the time...}

Alex and Andrew Sorensen said...

that is beautiful thank you so much for sharing!

lori said...

i don't know what to say but thank you for being the best daughter i could ever have hoped for. i love and adore everything about you. i know heavenly father loves me because he blessed me with you...xoxo

Emily Tingey said...

This is such a lovely tradition.

I'm so happy you and your mom have such a close friendship. Those are high on the list of best things ever.

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