Thursday, April 7, 2011

yeeeah baby *happydance*

finals are ovaaaaa.
yeah baby!!

we went to five guys burger and fries today
aka overly-priced-wish-we-were-in-n-out-but-we're-not
but thats ok, we still had a good time.
and i like having a hot date everywhere i go.

this my friends.. is a very hungry matthew


this is matt thinking he is funny..

aaaaand this is my face (all of it this time)

california here we come!!
see ya in a week frozen rexburg.


kelsie rae. said...

AAAHHHHH you did it!!! it looks awesome!!! you totally rock it! i'm so glad you went through with it because it's hot! :)

Sara T. said...

Your hair is gone! You totally pull it off :) Looks so good!

Candi Cory Brundage said...

Way Cute, Tara!!!

Molly said...

Holy cow I love your hair! Also, I'm happy that finals are over for you! Pray for me, I have two more weeks. Ahh!

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