Sunday, March 13, 2011

things that made me smile today

an all green salad in a black bowl.
am i strange to think salads are beautiful?

my sweet vdub with a crazy cool sky.

this might look nasty ugly to you 
but to me this may just be the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

matt, travis and i went on a walk and this little guy kept following us.
like creeper status. 
we would walk for 5 min, turn around, he would see that we saw him, and then run back home.
over and over. 
i kinda love him.
[oh and look.. no snow in this picture. a miracle]

this doesn't make me so happy.
how do two people make SO many dishes?
i don't understand.

hope you guys are having a great sunday night.
what made you smile today?


Katarina Esperante said...

the dog is adorable! there are two dogs on my street that trot around as they please.. having little adventures all the time, so cute :]

mallosaurus said...

mmm we had a yummy salad last night too. i love sunday dinners. and man, that dog is fetching wonderful. and that v-dub photo is MAGNIFICENT... seriously, i screamed silently in my head when i saw it.

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