Thursday, March 3, 2011

braaap: the sound one makes trying to explain the glorious sound of a dirtbike

check out those sweet training wheels that my wonderful dad welded on for me.
oh and the blonde curls peaking out of my helmet.

a couple decades later.. 

i am going to let you in on a little secret.
ok so it's not really a secret but...
i LOVE love love LOVE riding my dirtbike.
there is nothing like it in the whole world.
pinky promise. 

i know that motocross isn't a typical subject on photoblogs 
but i thought i would broaden your horizons on this lovely thursday night.

i have been places on a dirtbike that you can't get to any other way.
i have been to the ends of mexico, the beautiful mountains of idaho and everywhere inbetween.
i've been the only girl racing against a huge group of smelly testosterone-charged boys.
and i did all this with my dad, creating the best friendship between us ever.

so in celebration of all of that...
here is some "lingo" so you can hold your own in a dirtbike related conversation:

motocross: race on a track outside 

supercross: race on a track inside

holeshot: the person who comes out of the first turn first in a race

scrub: used to "scrub" off height when going over a jump. 
when you are in the air you are loosing speed. 
the quicker you get your tire back on the ground, the faster you can go. 
this is my incredibly talented friend corey. 
taking pictures + dirtbikes = a freaking happy tara

and just in case you wanted to try it...
apparently eHow knows how to do a backflip on a dirtbike
1. get your bike ready
2. find a motocross ramp
3. plan the trick carefully
4. nail the takeoff
5. pull and lean back
5. hold on through the flip
6. land the trick
easy freaking peasy.



mallosaurus said...

hahaha those steps are as helpful as the "Keys to the Race"

p.s. i'm obsessed with that picture of you as a little girl! i want to die!

Courtney said...

Koala Blue.

Best. Brand. EVER.

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