Tuesday, February 1, 2011


this is our dog travis in our '67 vw squareback. whata stud huh? 
i was going through pictures from our crazy weekend and forgot i had snatched this one. 
i love it.
ps note ghetto rigged defroster. gotta do whatcha gotta do sometimes. =]

i have so many new ideas spinning through my head that i want to put into action already
but our jam-packed trip to utah/cali has put me so behind i need to catch up with real world first. [ug]
but february is a new month with my creativity wheels spinning and i am excited. 
[you should be too]

welp.. back to playing catch up on my life. so much to do.
hello past my bedtime for the next few nights.
keep on keeping on.

happy tuesday everyone.
make lovey dovey plans for that cutsie happy day coming up


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