Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"baby it's cold outside..."

k i have had that song stuck in my head going on 8 days now and i am sure me singing it all day long is probably driving my husband nuts. =]

so this will be my first white christmas and i think that's fine as long as i don't have to go outside.

i have been looking out at the pretty trees in front of my apartment covered in snow all morning. i have been missing my camera a lot these last couple weeks because classes have been nuts. so i put down my homework, left the warmth of my apartment, and ran to the trees in my slippers. the snow was deeper than i thought so in 2 seconds my slippers were filled with snow and my feet were freezing. i snapped one shot and ran back to my safe warm apartment. ug. i am such a wuss.

i am not a fan of the snow. it only belongs in photographs, on ski lifts, and at the north pole.


brynna cadman said...

You and I agree about snow. Must be cuz we're both from Cali.

tori b. said...

amen and amen to the snow comments! I wouldn't mind it if it wasn't so cold. Why can't we have warm sun, 70 degree temperatures and beautiful snow all at the same time?

and I lost your blog for a while. I thought I bookmarked it on my computer, but apparently not because for the last few weeks I've been searching for in vain. thank goodness to our friend kels for following you or I may not have found it for a few more months!

tara said...

hahah you are so cute tori. you me kels and sara better still hang out sometimes. and you better keep me updated on your life. =]

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