Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the summers family

i've been lucky enough to take pictures of these adorable
kids a couple of time but this is the first time i had the
privilege of taking pictures of the whole family.
i asked my husband if i could frame these pictures and
put them on my wall, and so when i told him i was taking
their pictures again, i think he was slightly panicked that i might 
try and print out ginormous pictures of random people again 
for our living room. do you blame me though?! 
this family is GORGEOUS!
these next two make me so incredibly excited to be a mom to a little girl.
just in case you've never been envious of a 4 year olds hair.
guess who is two?! happy birthday handsome. :)
i die. every single time i look at this picture. hahah. love.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


this is the fourth time i have taken pictures of this couple!
it all started with their engagements and wedding and now they
are expecting a baby the same day we are. so much fun. :)
kellie seriously makes pregnancy look amazing. such a babe.
she requested a field of flowers. as you wish.. :)
she painted this cute chair for her nursery. love.
oh my amazing beautiful.
you're gonna be a cute dad abel. :)

Friday, July 6, 2012


i really don't think i have laughed more throughout a 
whole photo shoot as i did with these two.
he is an avid rock climber and she is an amazing dancer.
together they are possibly the cutest couple ever.
and the spots we found were absolutely epic.
the perfect couple+stunning locations=photographer heaven.